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Thompson Law Firm, pllc, is a Mississippi-based Family Law Firm.  TLF focuses on Family Law, including; Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Modification, Contempt and Appeal practice areas, throughout the Magnolia State.

In 2009, Matthew Thompson established a statewide practice, handling cases in Chancery and Youth Court throughout MS. Matthew has a decade of  litigation experience handling family law cases and has handled hundreds of trials, hearings, depositions, mediations and appeals. Matthew has been practicing exclusively Family Law since 2005.

TLF limits its practice to Family Law/Domestic Relations and features a flat fee approach to your case.  In most instances, after an assessment with the client, TLF will quote a flat fee, or fees, for the appropriate phases of your case.  Doing this allows you to know upfront what to expect, plan and budget with regards to expenses in your case.

This is a departure from how most attorneys charge – using the billable hour method, which results in; 1) no clear idea of what you may end up spending, and 2) an incentive for the case to take as long as possible.

TLF has garnered praise from the most respected Attorney-Evaluation sources, as well as and most importantly,  praise from current and former clients.  The vast majority of TLF clients are referrals from former clients or from other attorneys that know Matthew, his abilities and his practice.

If you have a questions regarding a Family Law matter in Mississippi, be it Divorce, Child Custody, or anything else in the Family Law arena, please contact Matthew to set up a Family Law Assessment.  This is the first meeting with the lawyer, where you will discuss the facts of your specific case, the law in Mississippi and how it relates to your case, and come up with a plan of action that is right for your case.

Phone: (601) 850-8000       Blog:

Fax:      (601) 499-5219        Email:

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  1. The information provided on this webpage is offered for informational purposes only. It is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice. Your visit does not create an attorney-client relationship with our firm. Matthew Thompson, Mississippi Family Law Attorney. Thompson Law Firm, pllc http://www.BowTieLawyer.MS (601) 850-8000 Jackson, Mississippi Divorce Attorney.

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